A workout on the water

With Gold Coast Watersports being based on the beautiful Gold Coast we see all types of people with various fitness levels enjoy a day on the water with us. Most of our watersport activities are very easy to learn quickly and don’t require a huge amount of physical strength either so we find we are a very popular destination for family groups as well as our younger clients.

Having said the skills needed to partake in the watersport activities Gold Coast Watersports have on offer are easily gained, don’t be fooled on the level of exercise you will be getting whilst you are having buckets of fun.

Our thrilling jet ski, jet boating and fly board extreme adventures will see your body having a total workout but without the boredom and sweat of hitting the gym. No gym on the planet can elicit such an adrenalin rush and heart pumping thrills like Gold Coast Watersports can.

Discover the fun and excitement of riding a jet ski at Gold Coast Watersports, even if you have never done it before! We provide a unique jet ski hire experience through the Gold Coast’s amazing waterways under the safe guidance of our friendly staff.

The crew at Gold Coast Watersports don’t just know what they are doing inside out and back to front but they also know how to turn the fun factor way up when you join in on our full throttle water activities. Your face won’t be able to stop smiling!

Hopping aboard one of our jet boats, you will be in for a white knuckled ride of a lifetime!  Muscles in your arms and legs will be flexing as you hang on tight during the wave jumping and 180 degree, full tilt spins our jet boats are capable of.

If you are really adventurous, test your mettle with Gold Coast Watersports fly board extreme.  Jet ski propulsion right under your own feet will have those abs working overtime to keep you balanced whilst you hover high above the water.

Getting a total body workout has never been so much fun than at Gold Coast Watersports, right here on the stunning Gold Coast. Bring a bunch of friends or the family down for a fit and healthy day filled with the most exciting watersports and fun filled activities you’ve ever seen!

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