From The Mountains To The Sea

The Gold Coast has so much to offer both holiday makers and locals alike. You have the mountains to the west and the sea to the east, and just so much to do in between. In this post we’ll literally be looking at what to explore in the west, and fun things you can do out on the water.

Explore The Gold Coast Hinterland

When people come to the Gold Coast they visit the theme parks, go shopping, head out to dinner and spend time down enjoying the beautiful golden beaches. But many fail to venture out west and take in the natural splendour that the Hinterland offers. It’s hardly an inaccessible location. Bus tour groups venture out there daily, but better still, hire your own car and take your own private tour.

Visitor information booths situated throughout the coastal strip will be able to offer you information and directions on where to go and how to get there.

Some of the highlights of a trip into the Hinterland include visiting:

  • Springbrook
  • Purlingbrook Falls
  • Canyon Lookout
  • Twin Falls
  • Numinbah Valley
  • Natural Bridge
  • Tambourine Mountain

Do some research on these areas on Google before arriving. These locations are truly breathtaking. Take a day out from the beach and explore the Hinterland and its majestic rainforests. Go on a bushwalk and have lunch down by a serene waterfall. There is more to the Gold Coast than just beaches and retail outlets.

Indulge In Some Fun Watersports

I’m not just referring to going for a leisurely swim at the beach, either. I’m talking about stepping outside the comfort zone and indulging in some adrenalin pumping action!

The Gold Coast is a real water playground with its beaches and multitudes of waterways snaking all through its suburbs.

You could hit the waves and learn to surf, do stand up paddle boarding (SUP), cruise the canal system in a kayak, or ramp it up with some of the following:

  • Jet ski hire
  • Parasailing
  • Jet boating
  • Fly boarding
  • Jet ski safari

If you’ve never tried any of those things on the list above, then you are truly missing out on some mega fun. Jet boating is a thrill a second, while parasailing is a little more sedate and lets you take in the views of the Gold Coast from high above. Fly boarding is a unique mix of both flying and diving, and the thrill of riding a jet ski can only be explained and understood by someone who has been there and done it.

Gold Coast Watersports

We are the fun team when it comes to activities out on the water. If you want to try any of the thrill seeking adventures and activities mentioned above, we do it all. So give us a call or drop into our Main Beach shop to make a booking. Your fun is our pleasure.

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