Fun Ways To Navigate Gold Coast Waterways

With so much water on offer on the Gold Coast, it would be silly not to get out there and take advantage of it. I’m not just referring to going for a swim at the beach, maybe doing a spot of fishing or snorkelling, or taking your surfboard out for the thousandth time. I mean really explore the waterways from on the water.
The most common way of doing this would be by boat – either your own boat or by hiring or chartering a boat. You could even do one of those river lunch or dinner cruises to take in the sights. Nothing wrong with any of these options and they are all fun.
But what about ways of getting out there yourself, discovering secluded beaches on the islands in the Broadwater or along the rivers? When you are riding your own craft, you are in control of what you do and where you go.
SUP or stand up paddle boarding has increased in popularity exponentially over the past few years and this is a really relaxing way to get out there and enjoy our waterways. You may not be able to travel that far and really explore, but it’s an awesome way to spend a few hours.
Hire a kayak with a friend and head off for some vigorous exercise. Alternatively you can take it easy, cruising around the creeks, canals or Broadwater, taking in the sights and visiting private little beaches where you can take a break in the shade of some overhanging palm trees.
BBQ pontoon boats are a cool way to spend an afternoon out on the calm waters of the Broadwater. Get a group of friends together, cook up some lunch and maybe even cast a line in along the way. A word of advice though; don’t rely on trying to catch your lunch. Bring it with you.
A favourite of many is the jet ski. Here you have the choice of opening up the throttle and really going for it, or idling right back and using the ski as a pleasure craft to just cruise around and take in the sights. Jet skis really are versatile machines and just so much fun.
And if you really want to kick the thrills up a notch, try a jet boat ride. Jet boating is not for the faint of heart. It’s pure adrenalin action that will get the heart racing. Grab a group of friends and experience the thrills together. You’ll be talking about it for months to come.
No matter what you want to do on the water on the Gold Coast or how you plan to navigate the waterways, at Gold Coast Watersports we’ve got you covered for jet ski hire, jet ski tours, jet boating, parasailing, boat hire, kayak and SUP hire and a whole ton of other fun stuff. So come and play with us today. We are located conveniently at Main Beach.

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