Have a need for speed?

Do you love the thrill of going full throttle?  Are you always trying to better your personal best? Do you love the water and crave nothing more than the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your body? Then you need to come see us at Gold Coast Watersports, we have a number of thrill seeking activities right on the Gold Coast to whet your appetite and provide that natural high.

Ride alone or tandem on one of our powerful Yahama Waverunner jet skis that can reach speeds you’ve never dreamed of! Hold on tight, rev that throttle and manoeuvre as fast as you can through our purpose built course trying to beat your personal best.

We also have jet boating for those who love wild rides in the company of other thrill seekers.  Our jet boats provide a white knuckle, adrenalin pumping ride that will see the occupants of the boat not just wave hopping but also experiencing a thrilling 360 degree turn at top speed! Needless to say your heart will be pumping and your love of the water evident as you will certainly get wet!

Or maybe you crave a different type of speed, the vertical kind! For those who love a challenge, we have fly board extreme to test your skill and agility. Imagine having the power of jet ski propulsion right under your own feet, enabling you to shoot vertical out of the water….but only if you dare!

Want to go even higher than fly board extreme? Parasailing, either solo or tandem with a friend will see you flying through the sky as you are pulled behind a jet boat. If that is still not high enough for you, talk to us about a sea plane adventure.

So if going fast on the water or above it is your thing and you need your next fix real quick, be sure to head on down to Gold Coast Watersports!

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