Have you ever wanted to fly? Well here’s your chance!!

Gold Coast Watersports presents you with Fly boarding, a new and exciting advance in Watersports. Our expert guidance will have you souring through the sky like an eagle. Feel the exhilarating, heart pounding thrill of the Fly Board as you try out some new skills.

You can hoover through the air, or dive through the water, it’s your choice.

You will be hooked up to a jet ski, where you will be attached to your own personal hoover craft which will thrust you through the air. Relatively new to the market in 2012 and has been delighting locals and holiday makers ever since.

The fly board is the first of its kind, allowing you to remain upright and stable whilst hoovering above the water, with a little tuition and some practice you can master the skill of fly boarding, and not only is it exciting, you look really cool too!

So come down to Gold Coast Watersports and try out our state of the art fly boards. You don’t need super powers to fly, just book a session with us today.

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