How safe is Parasailing?

Parasailing on the Gold Coast

 Soaring through the air and having a Birdseye view of the beautiful waterways and city skyline, it’s easy to see why parasailing is so popular.

Gold Coast Watersports believes that fun cannot exist without safety, and that’s why we are steadfast in our approach to keeping you safe on the water.

Gold Coast Watersports do not take shortcuts, we ensure that every day, everyone is safe, and everyone is having fun! Our commitment to you is to provide thrills in a safe and controlled environment.

We NEVER compromise on safety

The owners and operators of Gold Coast Watersports and the staff have families of their own, so we understand the importance of keeping everyone safe. Behind the fun there’s a lot of hard work involved to ensure that each activity is held to the highest safety standard.

The Facts!

NO serious injuries have ever been sustained whilst parasailing with Gold Coast Watersports.

You won’t hear of any serious injuries having happened for more than 30 years on the Gold Coast, due to stricter health and safety requirements.

So, how do we keep you safe whilst parasailing?

We ensure that a new rope is used every 400 flights, without compromise. The rope is double sheathed to provide an extra layer of protection. With a breakage strain on the rope is a whopping 3700 kilos, you can be assured you are safe, even with a little holiday weight.

The rope that pulls the parasail along is connected to a winch which lets the rope in and out. The winch used at Gold Coast Watersports is capable of pulling over 3 tonnes of weight, and is connected to a super powerful, and durable hydraulic pump.

We never overload our parasails, and with a legal limit of 220kgs, we go one step further and only allow 200kgs to be towed at any one time.

Whilst the weather on the Gold Coast is considered beautiful one day, perfect the next, it can also get a bit wet and wild; at Gold Coast Watersports we have dedicated members of staff that check the weather forecast and conditions every 15-minutes to ensure that we are always aware of our conditions. If there is any chance of extreme weather changes we shut down our activities; if we can’t guarantee safety, we guarantee we will stop running until the conditions are conducive with a safe environment.

Gold Coast Watersports change the size of the parasail according to the weather conditions, and even when we head out on our adventure weather conditions are also monitored moment-by-moment by our boat driver; always aware of the wind’s direction and its effect on the parasail, we work with the weather to give you the best experience possible.

How does the driver know all this? Well, all our parasailing drivers must complete 1800 hours as a deckhand, and a further 1800 hours behind the wheel supervised before we will allow them to fly solo.

Every 100 hours we fully service the boat’s engine to ensure it’s in perfect working order.

Before we head out each day Gold Coast Watersports has a 40-point full safety checklist to complete. The driver must ensure that each checkpoint is checked before they can head out for the day.

March Madness Special

There’s never been a better time to try parasailing with our March Madness Special. Solo flyers can sore through the air for $95, or you can share the experience and the cost with a twin share costing $65 per person.

Why not call the team at Gold Coast Watersports and book your parasailing experience today? Whilst you know all the serious safety stuff that goes on behind the scenes, we guarantee we can still get your heart racing.

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