National Dolphin Day – 14th April 2016

Did you know there is a National Dolphin Day each year to celebrate these magical creatures of the sea? Chances are you’ve had the wonderful experience of seeing a Dolphin show at Sea World or have spied them swimming through the ocean sometimes leaping high above the surface. These super intelligent and highly social mammals can’t help but bring a smile to your face with their antics.

Unlike sharks who are quite fearsome, Dolphins are friendlier creatures with many news reports detailing their escapades as they swim beside water skiers, jet skiers, wakeboarders or frolic alongside boats.

At Gold Coast Watersports we hear about a number of exciting sightings of Dolphins each year from people who have hired our jet skis or seen them from above whilst parasailing with us.

Here are some facts about the Dolphin:

  • Related to Whales and Porpoises
  • There are over 40 species of Dolphins
  • Cannot breathe underwater but can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes
  • Can dive to depths of over 250 metres
  • Can live in saltwater or freshwater
  • Eat mostly fish and squid
  • Give birth to live young, usually one calf
  • Range in size from 1.2 metres to 9.5 metres
  • Hear frequencies more than ten times the upper limit of what humans can hear
  • Have acute eyesight
  • Communicate through sounds and whistles
  • Navigate and find food through a technique called Echolocation


Next time you come jet skiing or parasailing with Gold Coast Watersports, remember to keep an eye out for these lively sea mammals. You could be cruising through the beautiful Gold Coast sea ways on one of our jet skis with a friendly Dolphin racing by your side!

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