Scare yourself to health

That feeling when your heart is racing and your blood is plumping, you are in the middle of an adrenaline rush and your senses are on high alert. You feel a hint of danger, even though you are completely safe, and your whole body is reacting to the sensation and you feel like you are on a natural high.

Whilst you are in the moment, all you feel is pure euphoria, however, you may not know that the adrenaline you are feeling can also be a great stress reliever. The hormones released can help protect you from future feelings of stress and daily frustrations, leaving you more balanced and relaxed.

When your heart is racing and you get a surge of adrenaline, your fight or flight mode kicks in. Your body receives a spontaneous amount of stress that immediately sends a fresh flood of oxygen to your red blood cells, boasting your immune system and releasing feel-good lovely endorphins.

Not all stress is good, the constant stress that grinds away at you can be draining. It can affect your whole body, and bring your immune system to a grinding holt. However, the type of body your stress feels with an adrenaline filled activity can counteract the bad stress and possibly relieve it.

Doing something that scares you a little everyday can make you a more well-rounded and balanced person, not only will your stress levels decrease but you will have some amazing stories to tell.

Come and visit us at Gold Coast Watersports. We have a range of activities to get your adrenaline pumping all with the beautiful backdrop of the Gold Coast skyline and its crystal clear waters. Bring a friend to double the fun.

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