Simple Tips for a Safe Jet Ski Ride

Gold Coast Watersports prides itself on providing safe, yet exciting jet ski adventures. With daily guided tours and a purpose-built circuit for full-throttle adventure, we cater to both thrill seekers and scenic skiers. If you are considering jet ski hire, then here are some of our top safety tips.

Wear your life jacket

This is probably the most important rule of jet ski hire. At Gold Coast Watersports, we supply you with high quality life jackets that will keep you safe if you fall off your jet ski. Make sure that your life jacket fits well and its properly secured. Don’t under any circumstances take off your life jacket while you are operating the jet ski.

Listen to your guide

Before all our jet ski adventures, our guide will go through all safety procedures and precautions with you and your group. This will include Make sure you are listening intently so if something unexpected happens you are prepared.

Use our circuit

If you’re feeling uneasy, then feel free to stick to our custom build circuit. This is great place to learn how to operate a jet ski and build your confidence for future tours. For those who are more confident or experienced, you can opt for our jet ski tours.

Don’t speed

Our friendly instructors will advise you when to speed up and slow down. While you definitely get the chance to go fast, there are speed limits that you must adhere to. The speed limits are there for your safety and the safety of other jet skiers and boaters out on the water.
If you want to organise jet ski hire on the Gold Coast? Contact Gold Coast Watersports today. Our experienced guides will ensure that you have a safe and exhilarating jet ski experience. For more information, call us today. We’re happy to help.

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