The beginning

Have you ever looked out over the ocean and seen a Jet Ski in the distance and seen just how exciting it looks? Jet Skis are not just reserved for the holiday goers; it is fast becoming a popular pass-time for the fellow thrill seekers that want to get their blood pumping.

But how much do we actually know about the Jet Ski? Whilst a popular and common site on the ocean these days there was a time before the Jet Ski, dare we say it.

The man we have to thank for the Jet Ski is Clayton Jacobsen. Clayton designed the Jet Ski for convenience and fun was the by-product. Its primary purpose was to provide a smaller alternative to cross the water than a large boat. It was not until Kawasaki took the idea into mass production that the Jet Ski gained traction. Kawasaki were well-known for their motorcycles at the time and a Jet Ski seemed like a natural progression. A jet Ski provided the speed and excitement of a motorcycle, but on the water.

When the Jet Ski first made waves in the market place they had no seats, the driver had to stand for the duration of the ride. Only when the design was modified to a seating position did the Jet Ski really take hold in the market place, providing fun and excitement with more control and stability.

You only need to visit Gold Coast Watersports to see how far the Jet Ski has come, they have the World’s first dual controlled throttle Jet Ski with ride smart technology for your safety. Travelling at top speed across the waves, this is one white knuckle ride that will have you hooked.

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