The Great Australian Tradition – The BBQ

For as long as anyone would care to remember, the BBQ has been a great Aussie tradition. We love the great outdoors and an al fresco kind of lifestyle, so the BBQ has always been the “kitchen” of choice in the warmer months and is often fired up even during winter.

Back in the day many BBQs were no more than a few bricks or rocks piled up either side of a fire with a metal plate (usually very rusty) sitting above the flames for the cooking of snags and chops. Back then there weren’t so many restrictions on lighting fires and you could practically set up a BBQ like this anywhere and set to work making your outdoor meal.

These type of crude backyard BBQs were always loads of fun for kids. It was like sitting by the campfire and you could almost imagine you were somewhere out in the wilderness. The aroma of sizzling steak and meat filled the air, mingled with the rancid, but somehow pleasant smell of the wood burning. The fire would spark and crackle and sometimes the breeze would blow that smoke right in your face. But no one cared about that. It was all good fun, something different to mundane indoor cooking and sitting at the kitchen table to eat.

Most BBQs these days are gas operated beasts made of shiny stainless steel, often set up on the back deck, patio or balcony. Some of the smaller, more portable models can be taken camping or for a day out somewhere. Now while these BBQs are fantastic for cooking up a storm outdoors, it can get kind of boring after a while; especially compared to the nostalgia of the “old days”.

So here’s my suggestion:

Come in and see us at Gold Coast Watersports at Main beach on the Gold Coast. We have a selection of BBQ pontoon boats that you can hire out for a few hours. Try something different. Get out of the house and backyard for a while, split the cost between a group of friends, hire a BBQ pontoon boat and head out on the Broadwater for lunch. Take in the sights, breathe deeply of the fresh air and just relax and unwind while enjoying a lovely, unique lunch.

If you fancy a bit more adventure after your leisurely BBQ lunch, then we can also help you out with jet ski hire, parasailing and jet boating. Or try the fly and dive experience of Fly Board Extreme! We have something for everyone.

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