The Only Fly Board Extreme on the Gold Coast

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The Fly Board Extreme is relatively new to the world of water sports, and definitely one of the coolest water activities around.

Gold Coast Watersports are proudly the only Gold Coast based company to provide the Fly Board Extreme.

What is the Fly Board Extreme?

Your Fly Board Extreme is a water jetpack that is powered by a jet ski; connected by a hose, you get a whole lot of horse power. The hose sends water pressure up into the Fly Board Extreme boots which is when the fun begins!

How does the Fly Board Extreme feel?

Standing in the water with a Fly Board Extreme attached you feel a mixture of nerves and excitement.

You wait……… and then suddenly the water pressure hits your boots and thrusts you into the air; it’s a feeling like no other. If you’ve ever wanted to experience flying, then this is as close to it as you’ll get without donning a cape and setting off to save Lois Lane.

As the sheer horse power propels you up, you reach the peak and suddenly you’re left to decide, do I try and balance, or do I dive into the crystal-clear water beneath and enjoy the downwards dive and the inevitable thrust into the air again? The power is beyond belief, but mastering the basics is relatively easy.

Whilst the Fly Board Extreme lends itself to some nifty manoeuvres, if all you do is dive into the water and sore into the air, you’ll still have the experience of a lifetime.

Hovering above the air, you will be surprised by the exhilaration you can feel from simply standing up; much like any sport, finding your sea legs and taking control of the experience will push you to the next level.

“Went Flyboarding for the first time today. So much fun and better and easier than I thought it would be. The guys at Gold Coast Watersports were excellent and gave just the right amount of understanding and information at each stage of learning how to do it. I’m 53 and before my 30-minute session was up I was flying high, doing loops, high dives and continuous dolphin dives. Will be back again next time I am up on the Gold Coast. You’ve got to try it.” Google Review

With some tutoring you can master the basics easily and start to show off some impressive moves on the water.

Dive like a dolphin and soar like a bird, when you try the Flyboard Extreme, the whole experience is exhilarating from start to finish. Just go with your gut and don’t overthink it and you’ll have the time of your life.

“Was such an amazing experience. We loved the thrill! The boys were absolutely amazing and such a friendly service. The guy that’s teaching fly boarding is so helpful enthusiast!” Google Review

How About Trying Something New?

Talk to the team at Gold Coast Watersports and challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone, and only there you can experience something new and exciting!!


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