What to pack for a Watersports holiday

Going for a holiday means packing a lot of essential things that you will need when you are away from home. However, sometimes you may discover that even when your bag is full, you still haven’t taken the most important thing.

Here is a list of the five most essential things that you will need when you go for a Watersports holiday on the Gold Coast.

  1. Camera: You will never forget to take your phone with you, but if you are going for Watersports you need a water proof camera. A water proof camera might be expensive, but the memories that you can capture with it is worth everything.
  2. Clothing: In a fit of excitement you might forget to pack your most essential item for Watersports which is swimwear and don’t forget to pack a towel.
  3. Sunscreen: Australia’s sun can get very harsh. While you might enjoy getting a little tanned, you definitely don’t want to burn your skin in the sun. Make sure you have sunscreen, so that you can enjoy your holiday without any pain. You must also carry some ointments and antiseptic as well, so that you can immediately take care of minor wounds if any.
  4. Free Lockers: We have free lockers to store your valuables for peace of mind while you are enjoying your activities.
  5. Documents: Whenever you plan to go for a holiday nearby or far away, it should always be mandatory for you to pack your important documents, especially your identity proof.

At Gold Coast Watersports  you need to have your driver’s licence or passport for photo ID to be a part of the fun experience.

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