Why Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding So Popular

In the past few years stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has literally exploded all across Australia, and it has become extremely popular right here on the sunny Gold Coast. Every weekend, wherever there is water, you will see people out there on the stand up paddle boards. There are almost as many of these SUPs as there are surfers these days.

So what makes this sport or recreational past time so popular with both tourists and locals? What exactly is the lure of stand up paddle boarding and why are so many people seemingly addicted to it?

Let’s take a look and find out.

It’s Relaxing

Although some thrill seekers take their boards out into the waves, the majority of SUP takes place in calm water, where you can paddle about at your leisure without constantly struggling to keep your balance or keep an eye on the swells. Being out on water in the fresh air while getting some light exercise is very calming. We live in a world that runs at a hectic pace these days and people need an escape where they can just chill out for a while. SUP achieves this, helping to clear the mind and make you feel at peace with the world.

Gentle Exercise

Unless you are really going for it, you’re not going to get your heart and lungs racing with stand up paddle boarding. It is a nice low-impact form of exercise though. Helps to build good core strength while at the same time working out the arms, shoulders and legs. Regular SUP also helps with both the development and improvement of coordination and balance. Taking deep breaths of the fresh air is really good for the lungs, too.

It’s Not Hard

Just about anyone – young or old – can stand up paddle board. It’s not that hard, and for this reason it attracts a lot of first time participants of Watersports. The water is calm, the boards are stable, there are no motors or speed to factor into the equation. It truly is an aquatic past time to suit everybody.

The Entire Family Can Have A Go

As just mentioned, everybody can do this. Why not get the entire family together and make a day of it? Head out and hire some SUPs for an hour or two, stop for a rest and a lunch break, then get back out on the water either on a stand up paddle board, or indulge in some other water activity.

Gold Coast Watersports

Located in Main Beach on the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Watersports hire out SUPs by the hour or half day. We also specialise in jet ski hire, jet boating and parasailing, so drop in and see us for a day of adventure on the water.

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