Winter watersports

With the onset of cooler weather over the scorching temperatures we often feel during summer, winter does not have to signal to the end of watersports on the Gold Coast. At Gold Coast Watersports, we operate all year round as there is just too much fun and adventure to be had to not be open all year!

Sure water temperatures may drop but if you are still seeking thrills and white knuckle spills over the winter season, Gold Coast Watersports is where you need to be! Simply throw on a wet suit and avail yourself to one or more of our many exciting watersport activities we have on offer like:

Jet ski hire

Scream around our purpose built jet ski course, testing your limits and beating your personal best. No special licence or skill required. Our fully trained crew will have you skimming across the Gold Coast waterways in one of our jet ski hire’s in no time after a short safety brief and training session.

Jet boating

Sit down and hold on! These high powered jet boats will give you the most thrilling jet boat ride of your life! Experience heart pumping 180 degree spins, wave jumping and a jet boat ride that goes so fast you will leave your shadow behind!

Fly board extreme

If you dare, all you will need is your wet suit and your sense of adventure!  We will strap jet ski propulsion under your feet, that under your own control will send you metres into the air above the waterways of the Gold Coast. Fly board extreme is but one of our very popular, blood pumping, thrilling watersport activities here at Gold Coast Watersports.


This is a much less physical activity available at Gold Coast Watersports and is one where you don’t even have to get wet! Some of the clearest, bluest skies and comfortably temperate days are seen in winter on the stunning Gold Coast and would make for a gorgeously scenic, more serene activity for friends, couples and families to do in the colder months.

So throw off your winter woollies and come and experience what is like to be alive at Gold Coast Watersports.  Any number of heart pumping, exciting, full throttle adventures await you!

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