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Two people can sit on one Jet ski.
Yes it is the same price for two people, the cost is per Jet ski.


Passenger – Minimum age is 8yrs, they can sit in front of adult and steer, but adult must be on the back at all times
Solo – to drive by themselves they must be 16yrs+ (Please Note: Anyone under the age of 18yrs must have parent/guardian sign waiver form. Anyone under the age of 18yrs cannot double on a Jet ski with another individual under the age of 18yrs).
PARASAILING: Minimum age is 8yrs
FLYBOARDING: minimum age is 12 yrs and older
JET BOATING: minimum height is 130cm

Yes we do take photos to purchase


  • 1 x photo: $15
  • 2 x photo: $25
  • 3 or more: $10 each

USB (provided)
All photos: $40

We are located inside Sea World Resort (NOT Sea World Theme Park) on Main Beach. Go through sea world resort reception, travel to the back of the resort and we are located behind the swimming pool.

Please check out our video with directions to the resort.

Photo ID: Drivers Licence OR passport if you do not have a driver’s licence.

  • Towel
  • Sun protection
  • Anything you don’t mind getting wet!

Jetski’s and Parasailing = No, we provide lifejackets that will keep you safe if you were to fall into the water.

Flyboarding = You do need to know how to swim and feel confident in the water for our flyboarding activity.

No. None of our watersports require any special licensing.

Yes, lockers are provided at no extra cost.

You will be on the boat for around 1 hour in total. There are ten people on the boat in which everybody has their turn one after the other.

You will be in the air for around 8-10 minutes.


Please come to ‘Sea World Resort’ NOT Sea World Theme Park.
See the photos below to find us

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