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Gold Coast Watersports Fly Board Extreme – Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

What do you get when a jet ski racer decides to fly like a bird and dive like a dolphin? The Fly Board, that’s what!

The Fly Board has a hose connected to a jet ski to get propulsion through air and water. In reality, it’s a diving, flying, power house of pure heart-pounding fun.

Fly Board |Gold Coast Watersports
Fly Board | Gold Coast Watersports

What You Can Expect from Your Fly Board Experience

When you book a Fly Board session at Gold Coast Watersports, you’ll begin with a safety briefing and our staff will kit you out with a wetsuit, helmet and lifejacket.

An experienced instructor will take you through the following basic manoeuvres:

  • Taxiing through the water
  • Turning to the left and right around the instructor
  • Standing up

The following tips will help you through your first Fly Board experience:

Falling: If it is your first time, you will fall into the water before you get the hang of the board. Persistence is key, so communicate with your instructor, keep trying, and you will fly!

Flying: Position your feet on your Fly Board as if you are standing on the ground, lock your knees and keep your back straight with arms relaxed by your side. You are flight ready! Once you are out of the water, lean on your toes to drive forward and lean on your heels to drive backwards.

Turning: Turn your head toward the direction you wish to go, drop your shoulder and lean on your leg with the opposite leg bent. Students should rotate around the jet ski and keep a safe working distance of 5-7m from the jet ski. If the hose becomes fully extended between the jet ski and the Fly Board, you won’t gain height.

Flying High: At a safe distance from the jet ski, remain stationary with feet flat. Do not drive forward or turn. Your Fly Board instructor only allows students to fly high if it is safe to do so.

Diving: You can learn to dive after you have mastered flying. When you dive, your hands must come up slightly behind your head, and your legs and posture must remain straight. Dive vertically into the water with feet pointing toward the sky. Always dive away from the jet ski and listen carefully to your instructor.

Back dives: For experienced fly boarders only and should only be attempted under the direction of an instructor. Always dive away from the jet ski. Lean on your heels, bend back, look where you want to go. Dive with a straight posture and feet pointed at the sky.

The Fly Board Experience, Is an Experience Like no Other!

The Fly Board is a singular experience that cannot be duplicated on any other craft and best of all, our friendly, experienced staff at Gold Coast Watersports are confident they can get most people doing basic manoeuvres in under ten minutes.

Our Fly Board Extreme Pricing Options

$99.00 for 5 minutes
$135.00 for 10 minutes
$175.00 for 15 minutes
$199.00 for 20 minutes
$249.00 for 30 minutes

All safety briefings are done prior to scheduled booking time, so you only pay for the time you’re in the water!

Please note: Minimum age is 12 years old to participate and knowledge of basic swimming is preferable.

Contact Gold Coast Watersports for More on Our Fly Board Extreme Experience!

Want to know more about our Fly Board Extreme experience? Contact us any day of the week to make bookings or discuss our exciting range of adventure packages.

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