Top 10 essentials for a day out boating

Boating is quintessentially Gold Coast. Where else can you drop your boat in the water, cruise around the calm waters of the Gold Coast seaways or venture further out to catch a fish the size you can only dream of?

Although an Aussie national pastime, there are some essentials you need to take on your next boating adventure, whether it is on your friends boat or you’ve decided to hire a boat for the day.

Gold Coast Watersports share some tips here to ensure your next boating adventure is a safe and hugely fun one.

Slop on some sunscreen

This is a high priority.  The hot Queensland sun can scorch skin in a few short minutes and the clear water reflects sunlight even more.

Put on a hat

Ensure you have protection for your head. Broad brimmed hats are the best to keep sun off the face and back of the neck.

Pop on some sunnies

Sunglasses will protect eyes from harmful UV rays and the harsh reflection from the water.

Wear sun smart clothing

Rash vests and rash suits help to keep more of your body protected from the sun.

Pack plenty of H20

Have bottled water readily available to stay hydrated during the day out on the water.

Bring some nibbles

A day on the water boating and swimming can make you ravenous.  Pack some light food to keep you going until you get back.

Bring a towel

To sit on or dry off after taking a dip off the side of the boat.

Change of clothes

If you don’t want to spend the ride home in wet clothes, pack an extra set of dry clothes to change into.


Fishing gear

If you are a keen angler, be sure to pack fishing gear to catch the one that didn’t get away!

Bring a sense of adventure

A day out on the water can be absolutely relaxing or full of fun and excitement. Whatever your plans are, don’t forget to bring a big smile and your sense of adventure.


If you’d like to hire a boat and cruise the beautiful Gold Coast waterways with friends or family, call Gold Coast Watersports.  We are conveniently based at Seaworld Resort on the Gold Coast.

We also offer jet ski hire, fly board extreme, jet boating, jet ski island safari, parasailing and stand up paddle boarding.

Our highly experienced and awesomely fun team at Gold Coast Watersports can make sure your day on the Gold Coast will be a lot of fun and hugely memorable!

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