Your ultimate Watersports holiday destination: Gold Coast Watersports

Gold Coast Watersports is your ultimate holiday destination. Beat the harsh Australian heat with some fun Watersports to enjoy with your family and friends. Come to Sea World Resort next to Sea World Theme Park and enjoy a variety of adventurous Watersports.

At Gold Coast Watersports, you have the opportunity to jet ski on our purpose built circuit or enjoy one of our jetski safaris along with a minimum 15-minute island tour where you can bond with nature in the beautiful mangrove forests, interact with the wildlife, seep your feet in the squelching wet sand and have a sneak peak at the luxurious homes of the rich and famous.

Gold Coast Watersports offers the most exciting Watersports you could dream of this summer. There is no need to worry because you shall be guided and trained by our experienced professionals, and when it comes to your safety, we make sure to pay extra attention to it. So, bring all your family members, including your children and let them join you in your fun adventure with nothing to worry about. Children above 8 years of age can be a part of the awesome Watersports adventure

A recently invented water sport, fly boarding, will give you the feeling of flying and standing on water at the same time, paragliding with your children will make your experience the once in a lifetime feeling of flying a like a bird, and you have so much yet to discover once you visit Sea World Resort.

When you want to give your loved ones something that will make them happy, why don’t you give them an experience of a life time? Give them a gift voucher for Gold Coast Watersports, select a sport which you think they will love or let him/her select the sport of his/her choice.

If your office is planning to go for a trip, make a booking at Gold Coast Watersports to have an awesome experience outside your office. Apart from individual pricings, we have packages as well. Visit our website for more details regarding packages and prizing.

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