Fly like a bird

Ever wanted to feel what is like to fly like a bird?  To soar above the thermals, look down at the world below, drink in the gorgeous views and the stunning waterways of the famous Gold Coast.

Well, you can now experience what is like to soar like a bird, with a Gold Coast Watersports parasailing adventure!

At Gold Coast Watersports we cater to all ages and abilities and it is our mission for everyone who visits us to have loads of fun.

Parasailing over the beautiful Gold Coast water ways is the perfect activity for people who prefer a more sedate and relaxing watersport activity and is ideal for people with disabilities.

Each person who undertakes parasailing with us is safely harnessed in correctly with the latest and safest parasailing gear so they can experience the thrill of parasailing whilst feeling completely confident and secure.

Our skipper is an expert at gauging conditions to ensure the safe and controlled release of the parasailer so you can begin your adventure high into the sky with absolute ease.

We can organise a solo parasailing flight or you can share the delight with someone special with a tandem flight.

Gliding safely and serenely at height, you can drink in uninterrupted 360 degree views of the stunning Gold Coast, Stradbroke Island and right through to the hinterland and mountain areas.

You may even catch a bird’s eye view of dolphins or turtles swimming in the clear water ways below.  Plenty of sightings of schools of fish and water birds will delight you as well. You will surely feel like you are flying just like a bird!

When the parasail is over, you will be safely guided into land and helped out of the harness that is attached to the parachute.

With over 25 year’s experience in parasailing, we are the experts at providing the very best of parasailing adventures, right here on the stunning Gold Coast.

If you are looking to organise an amazing and exciting outing, try parasailing with the award winning Gold Coast Watersports today.

It will be an adventure you will never, ever forget!

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