Motorcycles On Water

If you love the thrill and freedom of riding a motorcycle on land, then you will love riding a jet ski on the open water just as much.

You see, even though jet skis don’t have wheels, there are many similarities between riding a jet ski and being aboard a motorbike with its engine throbbing beneath you. Both machines are fast and powerful, both are open-air with the wind in your face, and both vehicles are finely-tuned, highly-responsive pieces of machinery.

Just as you love the feeling of your motorcycle hugging those bends as you negotiate them at high speed, the same can be said for the twists and turns you experience on a ski. While a jet ski doesn’t lean as far as a bike, you still experience the G forces just as much, with the added exhilaration of salt spray in your face and the satisfaction of ripping out a wave of water with every powerful turn.

With a motorbike you twist the handle to pull back on the throttle to accelerate. On a jet ski there is a small lever you draw inward to give gas to the engine. Jet skis can be a little twitchy at first, but you soon get used to the sensitivity of the throttle.

There are some distinct advantages of riding a jet ski over a motorcycle. If you happen to come off you are landing in water and not likely to get injured. Totally different story if you fall off your motorcycle. You also don’t need to wear so much protective gear when riding a ski, such as helmets and leathers. Really all you need is your swimwear and a life jacket and you’re good to go.

Both machines have the capability to provide an adrenalin pumping thrill ride, but it can often be more fun to hit the high speeds out on the water than on the road.

If you are based on the Gold Coast, would like to give jet skiing a try but don’t own a ski, then hire one from the fun and friendly people at Gold Coast Watersports. We are located conveniently at Main Beach right on the fun zone. We specialise in jet ski hire and even run jet ski safari tours where you can join a group and take in the sights of the Gold Coast from the water. So join us for a fun day out.

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